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7 Tips For Making Your Life In The Kitchen Easier

Sick of investing endless time and effort in the kitchen area to cook for you and/or your family? well here are some pointers on making the kitchen life simpler

1-Make your own chicken stock and freeze in individual containers. That way, when you wish to prepare a recipe (like soup) that needs this ingredient, you can just pull it from the freezer.

2-Smelly hands after cutting an onion? DO NOT SCRUB! Location you hands under cold water for about 20 seconds then wash with soap and rinse.

3-When buying fresh radishes and beets, do not remove the stems and leaves. That way, they will not wither.

4-Keep herbs fresher longer. Rinse and get rid of any dirt and location in an airtight plastic bag.

5-Freeze fresh sliced vegetables for fast soups.

6-Do not get rid of brown bananas. Freeze them and use them to make healthy smoothies.

7-For flavorful mashed potatoes, boil the potatoes with 1/2 of a small onion. Toss the onion after it is cooked.

Jaden Mackenzie

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