Gray is the new beige

Hardwood Floors for Sanitation

Hardwood floors impart an incomparable sophistication and elegance to a space. Using hardwood flooring in interior design is a choice that has truly stood the test of time. But although the floors themselves are timeless, styles necessarily change. Rich, deep reds and bright beiges have been in vogue for some time, but the tides of style are turning swiftly toward a bolder palette. Hardwood floors in varying shades of gray are on the rise; they are a reflection of the increased demand for a design hybrid of chic rusticity.

There’s a reason you’re seeing more drinks served in mason jars, why all your friends are getting married in barns, and why every other new restaurant seems to have a farm-to-table philosophy and wide plank tables. Pastoralism and rusticity have been recently spreading across modes of fashion, from clothing to art to interior design. But these expressions are not pastoral and rustic in their truest form. Rather, they are innovative re-imaginings for the modern world. They appeal to our sense of romanticism and nostalgia and provide a sense of the immediate and the communal in an increasingly virtual, individual society. But to remain interesting and fresh, that modern world still needs to be present in these designs; simply rehashing past trends is not enough. Contemporary design is often distinguishable by its reliance on high contrast amongst neutral tones. Anything on the black and white scale imparts a feeling of cleanliness, refinement, and power. The sleekness and modernity of gray tones perfectly compliment rustic style trends. Gray wood can often appear fashionably weathered or worn. It plays to our recent yearning for something simple and true, and that trueness is defined by a modern style choice.

Beyond presenting a perfect meld of the rustic and the chic, gray hardwood is naturally very textural. The dark grain is starkly visible and creates aesthetic interest. When combined with whites or high-chroma colors, it can be a very dramatic gesture in interior design. Comparatively, it can be equally unobtrusive when paired with like colors. It is flexible enough to compliment a wide variety of design styles. It can swing to look either warm or cool depending on what colors are surrounding it.

Luckily, refinishing existing hardwood floors allows a great deal of control if you decide to go gray. Since gray wood very rarely occurs in nature, the gray effect is attained through a staining process. The stain is a mixture, so you can work with your remodelers to  find the perfect ratio of white to black.

Whether you implement this fashion trend in your business or in your home, customers and guests alike are sure to be impressed with your refined eye for design and your attention to trend.