Asian Fusion Food: A Perfectly Exotic Blend of Flavors

Very often when people first hear of the concept of Asian Fusion food, they assume that it is a particular cooking style much the same way as Tandoori Chicken is cooked in a traditional Tandoori oven. It actually refers more to a concept rather than any particular method of food preparation. Essentially Fusion cooking is the melding together of two or more cooking traditions, disciplines, or techniques to create an entirely new finished dish.

There are many reasons why people enjoy Fusion cooking. Many top chefs use the technique to expand their culinary offerings and to build a reputation for the unique dishes that they produce. It is a great way to set themselves apart from their peers. It is also a technique that is used to introduce a food concept to groups of people unaccustomed to eating it. For example, some Chinese restaurants will offer french fries with Asian stir fry to make it more attractive to Western customers.

Asian cooking mixes well with many different cooking traditions, particularly Chinese stir frying. The method has been so widely blended with other food traditions that confusion now exists on what is traditional Chinese and what is not. It’s fairly common to find Western-style steaks served with Asian rice or noodles, but it is not a dish that would have been traditionally eaten in Chinese homes.

Someone wanting to attempt Asian Fusion cooking will need to proceed with caution. Careful attention to how particular ingredients will compliment others is essential to preparing a unique, delicious meal. Attempting a new form of Fusion cooking while hosting important guests for a dinner party is certainly not advisable. However, a well-prepared Asian Fusion meal can make a meal a more memorable experience.

Asian Fusion food is a great choice to serve guests when you want to add a little exotic flair to your dinner party.